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Yes, it’s that simple! We love to do kite repairs. We specialise in Paraglider Repairs and Harness Repairs, so we repair surf kites and traction kites to a very high standard.

We hold a large selection of cloth, webbing and lines, so we can usually match the materials for a quick turnaround, or get them sent direct from the manufacturers.

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We do any repair, large or small, and our work is guaranteed!

All repairs are guaranteed for 2 years. We are completely confident of our sewing.
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About our kite repairs

We have been repairing surf kites since 1999 and paragliders since 1989. We have been approved by many of the UK importers, and we are the largest and most experienced paraglider and kite repair centre in the UK.

Our repairs are precise and durable, and we use the original kite materials, so it will be as strong and fly as well as it did before the damage was done. In most cases we can match the colour, so the repair is barely visible.

We can replace sections on the leading edge and panels on the main body. We usually replace the damaged area instead of the complete panel. We also do inner bladder repairs (even large tears can be repaired as long as they are not too near a seam). If they cannot be repaired then we can supply new ones.

Kite Surfing Repairs