What’s the fuss about Nova Trim Tuning?

The trim of every glider (of any manufacturer) changes in the course of time. The effects of a wrong trim setting on safety, performance and handling can be serious. Bad take-off behaviour or poor collapse recovery is likely.

This can be corrected but trim adjustments can only be as precise as their measurement, which is why we use laser measuring with a defined load so we can avoid measuring errors.

The trim of the measured glider is judged on the PC, to find out the best possible trim changes, made by adjustment loops on the maillons.

All Nova Trim Tuning (NTT) checks are stored centrally on a server, so every authorised service centre can access the exact state of the wing after its last check and evaluate trim changes accurately.

The checker also doesn’t see the values during measurement. If the checker used a measuring tape, he would be tempted to load the line a little more, if it was too short. This may even happen unknowingly. With our computer aided measuring system this is impossible.

The NTT analysis software helps us to find the perfect adjustments to achieve the best possible trim setting. You will notice the improvement in terms of increased performance, safety and pleasure in flight.

Nova Trim Tuning centre

The NTT is a precise computer aided trim adjustment system that gives you the best possible performance and safety from your NOVA wing.

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Normally you only get a 2 year warranty on your NOVA wing.

When you get your NTT within one year/100 hours of use, you get a 4 year warranty!
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How it works


  • Precise laser line measurements are made
NTT screen

  • Optimal trim changes are calculated

  • Trim adjustments are made on maillons