All reserves are thoroughly inspected, measured and if necessary aired.

Reserve parachute repacking is done in accordance with the manufacturer’s specs.

We also check the harness bridle, shoulder attachment points and maillons.

The reserve is placed in the harness and the whole system is double checked. Our complete repacking service ensures it will deploy correctly when needed: fast and secure.

All reserves are issued with a Reserve Parachute Repacking Certificate which gives you a clear idea of the condition and enhances the resale value.


  • Round or square reserves
  • Includes harness insertion
  • Usually done in 5 days


  • Tandem round reserves
  • Includes harness insertion
  • Usually done in 5 days


  • Steerable reserve systems
  • Includes harness insertion
  • Usually done in 5 days
Reserve parachute fabric check 

We are BHPA approved repackers and handle more reserves annually than any other centre in the UK.

Why get repacked by The Loft?

Although it’s a good idea to attend a club repack clinic to learn the mechanics of deployment, we offer a more reliable service than someone who repacks once a year: we do this every day!

The way you fold the reserve affects its deployment. We know the techniques for every kind of reserve.

Manufacturers recommend repacking once a year because the reserve can become compressed or hold trapped moisture and grit which can damage the fabric. A fresh repack also ensures the fastest opening time.

All deployed reserves are checked on our light table for signs of strain caused by the shock loading.

Reserve parachute handle
Reserve Parachute Repacking Service

Get it out!

We recommend you practise deploying your parachute, so that in an emergency you will know how to do it and what to expect.

Suspend yourself at home and throw your reserve, then stow it in a bin bag before sending the harness, reserve and deployment nappy to us.

Or use our test-deployment facilities, free when you