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Replacement Line

£800incl. VAT
  • Paragliding line made to measure, matched as close as possible to manufacturer’s spec.

Bridle Knife

£1000incl. VAT
  • Hook Knife and Pouch
  • The best safety blade system. It won’t cut you,
    but will cut through webbing or lines in a flash. Available with or without pouch.

Tow Release

£4500incl. VAT
  • Tow release
  • Tow release for winch towing using a three ring system and a tried and trusted design.
    Accurately made using quality materials.

Paraglider Supplies

Travel Repair Kit

£2200incl. VAT
  • 1m white repair tape + 3 sheathed lines (2 x 6.5m, 1 x 5m) with instructions
  • Travel repair kit lines

Rubber O-rings

£060incl. VAT
  • Line tidies that twist onto your maillons to prevent your lines from hooking.
  • Rubber O-rings

Repair Tape

£300incl. VAT
  • Repair tape (5cm wide) for instant patching, in various colours, sold per 1m strip.
  • ripstop repair tape

Paraglider Strap

£800incl. VAT
  • A simple webbing strap for holding your packed glider before stowing in inner bag.
  • Paraglider strap

Paraglider Inner Bag

£1500incl. VAT
  • Replacement inner bag (stuffbag) for packing glider away into rucksack (white).
  • paraglider inner bag

Harness Products

Reserve Bridle

£1800incl. VAT
  • Paragliding Y bridle made from tubular webbing, cloth covered for UV protection. 95cm length.

Reserve Bridles

£2400incl. VAT
  • Two strops for attaching your reserve parachute to your paragliding harness. 120cm length.

Reserve Bridle HG

£3600incl. VAT
  • Hang gliding bridle made from tubular webbing, partly covered for UV protection. 6,5m length.

Maillon 5mm

£1200incl. VAT
  • For attaching the two harness reserve shoulder straps to the two ends of the reserve bridle.

Maillon 7mm

£1200incl. VAT
  • An incredibly strong 7mm maillon to attach your harness bridle to your reserve bridle.
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