Whatever sponsorship logo you want on your paraglider, hang glider or kite we can produce the adhesive lettering and place it accurately for you.

We have created wing branding for many companies including Pepsi, Daewoo, BT and Laing. We also supply paramotor wing numbering and we are experts at achieving a smooth finish that won’t affect performance.

Send us your vector artwork or use our design service to get the best visual match and greatest impact. Single dark colour designs are best.

We use adhesive backed dacron (slightly thicker than normal ripstop) for a durable wing branding solution.

The lettering can be 10-200 cm high and up to 8 m total width, depending on position and paraglider logo design.

Applying the lettering is tricky, so to avoid frustration and save yourself time, send your wing to us!

Lettering only

  • A range of colours
  • Letters posted to you
  • Requires skill to apply

Applied logo

  • A range of colours
  • We apply lettering to wing
  • Usually takes 15 days
adhesive wing logo
wing logo
Wing branding sponsors logo