Paraglider Service


£ 95
  • Complete visual check
  • Sample lines length check
  • Brake length reset
  • If worn, line strength test
  • Porosity test
  • Line symmetry check

Full Trim

£ 140
  • All standard service checks
  • Plus full line length check
  • If shrinkage evident, lines retrimmed where necessary
  • If you send us a NOVA paraglider, we’ll perform the NTT during this service

All wings are issued with a paraglider service report which enhances the resale value and indicates the condition and remaining useful life.

Paraglider inspection

We recommend a Full Trim service every two years or 100 hours of use.

Regular servicing ensures your warranty is valid … and it’s good for your flying!

Line Measuring

We can lazer measure lines and retrim all gliders back to specification. We've done this since 2008.

Free Repairs

We include the mending of up to six small fabric tears in our standard service at no extra charge!

Porosity Test

If the canopy shows signs of aging, the porosity is recorded at three different points on the leading edge.

Trim Tuning

Due to our experience and workmanship, we are the first authorised NOVA Trim Tuning service centre in the UK.

Get a Paraglider Service

Paraglider service inspection
Servicing Prices
Standard Service * £95.00
Miniwing Service * £70.00
Full Trim Service * £140.00
Selected Checks (can be ordered individually)
Line Strength Test * £25.00
Line Length Check Full / NTT £60.00
Tension All Lines to 20kg £25.00
Porosity Test £15.00
Visual Check (Canopy) £40
Visual Check (Lines, Maillons, Risers) £36.00
Test Flight £40.00
per replacement line made to length £8.00
per line fitting (during a service) £9.50
* Service costs do not include materials, parts and labour on replacement items required during the service

What's in a Paraglider Service?

We first identify the glider, check the certification label and match official manufacturer documentation. The upper and lower surfaces as well as the cell openings and internal ribs are checked for damage, stretching, deterioration, repair points or problems. The line attachments points are checked. Defects will be repaired or replaced. All lines are checked for damage. We reset the brake lengths. If there are signs of heavy wear we will do a Line Strength Test. Lines are removed from several levels, mechanically snapped and subsequently replaced. If the minimum values are not achieved, all lines of the same type or diameter are replaced. All maillons and speed systems are checked for noticeable problems. Connecting elements are properly secured. Both risers are checked for signs of heavy wear. It’s a complete top-to-bottom inspection of your wing for your peace of mind. We know exactly what to look for, so we’ll see the things you might have missed.

Get the stamp of approval from the most experienced UK service centre

Keep your flying equipment safe and get the best performance out of your wing